Ciar?in O?Sullivan

Ciar?in O’Sullivan

Ciar?n O?Sullivan is a mathematics lecturer in Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Institute of Technology Tallaght, Dublin. He holds a M.Sc. in Mathematical Science, University College Dublin (UCD), Higher Diploma in Education, Trinity College Dublin (TCD) and Higher Diploma in Computational Methods and Numerical Software (UCD). Throughout his 32 years of experience as a mathematics educator he has been actively engaged in engineering mathematics education research and is a member of the Maths Working Group of SEFI (European Society for Engineering Education).

He has a particular interest in Mathematics Learning Support in higher education. As chairperson (2011-2014) of the Irish Mathematics Learning Support Network (IMLSN), Ciar?n co-ordinated IMLSN?s formalisation as a network and achieved several key objectives, including the publication of a nationally significant and extensive report on maths learning supports,? ‘Student Evaluation of Mathematics Learning Support: insights from a large multi-institutional survey’,?2014.

He has a long-standing passion for developing innovative approaches to engaging learners with mathematics in real world contexts, and using mathematics as a vehicle for civic engagement. Ciaran is a member of the national co-ordinating committee for ?Maths Eyes?, and is currently leading the rollout of a ?Green Maths? resource pack to Irish schools. He created the ITTD President?s Volunteer Programme, in which undergraduate students provide mathematics support for 2nd level students, who come from disadvantaged backgrounds, to ease their transition from second level to third level.

In December 2015, he was awarded a National Teaching Expert Award, accompanied by a special commendation for ?Utilising an Holistic Approach to Students and their Learning? in recognition of his contribution to mathematics teaching and learning excellence. Here are two exemplars he produced as part of the selection process for these awards.